Hello you world of Technology!

I suppose that trying to keep up with technology is a bit like racing against a F1 car on a pedal cycle. That doesn’t mean you have to give up, of course, you just have to understand and accept what you are up against. Picking up buzz words and trying to decipher their meaning can be hard for those of us who are not especially computer literate. It seems that new words arrive on websites or inboxes every week, but they arrive without any explanation of their meaning. These buzz words ensure that we feel our age and that there will always be a generation younger who know more, instead of them coming to us for advice, with technology we go to them. It’s 50 years since American astronaut John Glenn took his three turns around the Earth but as far as the technological race is concerned he was instrumental in turning the world in the opposite direction. It won’t be long before our children will be instructing their teachers, I suspect that time is not too far away.

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