I realise that it’s still only February but I am getting the feeling that spring is just around the corner. Certainly nature seems very confused by the warm weather, as Daffodils are on their way out and, I’m told, Hedgehogs have decided to wake from winter hibernation. How fitting that the weatherman tells us that temperatures are due to rise drastically later this week and some areas of the south of England have been declared officially a drought. The water companies blame it on the past two dry winters; I wonder what happened to all the water which seems to have fallen during the past two summers? When we were promised a ‘Barbeque Summer’ but we had to dodge the rain at most of ours. Spring always brings to us a sense of anticipation that this may well be the hot summer most of us desire. So often this mood is spoiled by the reality of living in Britain. We remember with affection the hot,dry summers of our childhood but our minds must be selective in those memories. So once again I await the promise of spring and prepare to be disappointed once again.

2 thoughts on “Springs-a-Coming

  1. Hi,

    Yes, nature has been confused and hopefully the very cold spell helped address the balance somewhat. I run a UK based Phenology blog and it is most interesting to track this seasonal changes.

    Best Wishes

    Tony Powell

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