What is it about Wednesday’s ?

Wednesday is thought by some to be the link between weekends. For those of us who work Monday to Friday, Wednesday is the middle support column of the bridge we call the working week. It can also be the day when the realisation dawns that less than half the work has been completed, placing pressure on us to catch up or worse, tell the boss things are running late. So are we guilty of wishing our lives away? Americans often refer to it as ‘Hump day’ as we move from the upward slope of Monday and Tuesday but before we commence the downward glide towards the following weekend. It’s the day that all children born on are ‘Full of woe’ according to the folk rhyme. Solomon Grundy was married on Wednesday. Sheffield has a football team named after it. ‘Ash Wednesday’ is the first day of Lent in the Christian calendar. So forget Happy Monday’s, Pancake Tuesday, Maundy Thursday and Black Friday; enjoy Wednesday, it’s just another day.

1 thought on “What is it about Wednesday’s ?

  1. In showing how Wednesdays relate to the regular work week, I’m reminded of a former manager of mine.
    I arrived at work – on time – at 8:00 a.m. He was just coming out the door. I greeted him and he asked how I was doing. “Okay,” I said, “for a Monday.”
    “Oh, just think, you have 40 more hours to finish 5 days work!”
    Then he turned and went to get his coffee.
    Some people have no idea what it’s like to enjoy work like that man; and I don’t think anyone should ever begin to enjoy their work that much.


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