Tea or Coffee Anyone?

I suppose this is an age-old question but which, in your opinion, is best, tea or coffee? I have difficulty deciding as my taste pallet changes throughout the day, week, year and decade. I remember going through a period where I would only drink coffee and boy did I drink it. Seven to ten hot steaming mugs of the stuff, per day, and sometimes more. Occasionally interspersed with diet coke of various brands; then I wondered why I had  difficulty getting to sleep. As a consequence I found that, as I had more waking time, I wanted more liquid. Was it boredom, comfort drinking? Who knows, but it was a spiral staircase to the basement. My concentration suffered, as did my work output and standard. Something had to change and I was the only one who could change it. So I decided not to drink anything which included Caffeine but then I had another problem. I suffered from the most terrible headaches which I quickly realised were brought about by the withdrawal symptoms. It proved to me that, whatever others may say and think, the potency of addiction to caffeine is very real. So I began to drink tea, no sugar, just milk and I certainly dispensed with the cola and replaced it with water. I know that tea has as much caffeine per mug as coffee but in my own experience it doesn’t seem the same. I sleep soundly on my new fluid intake and although I do have the occasional coffee it’s tea for me all the way.

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