The Power of the Sun

I am always amazed by the difference a few bright, sunny days brings to the general feeling of well being in most people. Smiles are brighter and more prominent; the sounds of laughter surround us everywhere we go.  

I truly love this country of my birth and, particularly, the vagaries of its climate, but one of the main topics of conversations, particularly when strangers meet, is the British weather. Luckily, we are currently blessed with warm, sunny days and cool, clear skied nights which enhance our abilty to sleep soundly and brighten our mornings with sunlight and warmth. We see people in shorts and sun tops walking about with smiling faces and happy children. Long may these bright days watch over us as we are reminded of those long hot summers of our childhood, when this season seemed to last forever.

Thoughts begin to change when we get too many hot days strung together and when we do conversations turn to concerns about the lack of rainfall and then highlights the need to conserve our precious water resource so we can continue to wash our cars and irrigate our gardens. 

As a subject, our weather will always be at the forefront of conversations whenever people gather and feel the need to converse. It’s a subject that is both facinating and unpredictable; and one which is always very dear to my heart.

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