How do you capture ideas?

I don’t know about you but I have always had ideas floating around my head, most of the time. Some of which I remember and write down at the first opportunity; some get lost forever or maybe they revisit me at a later date, and I get a second bite of the cherry. Over the years I have tried different methods of remembering them. I always carry a small notebook/diary with me and scribble them down; at one time I bought a small pocket dictaphone but when that broke I didn’t replace it. It’s always something I intended to do but haven’t so far, so I’m now in a quandary. Should I go ahead and purchase a new recorder or should I stick with my note pad and pen.

The dictaphone was easy to use but I was not always able to use it. If I was attending a conference or in a meeting it wasn’t always feasible to start talking aloud into a contraption when I was supposed to be listening to the speaker or the conversation; so I would take notes on a slip of paper which often was lost when I needed it.

With the note pad I seem to put down an idea and then add to it, which is fine but if I have had a succession of ideas, so consequently, lots of notebook entries; I then find it difficult to link the ideas and subsequent development hints together, if you follow my drift? If I have something interesting pass my brain, but I’m at work I sometimes jot it in an email and send it to myself; which works for me. But maybe there is a much better or simpler system out there that I haven’t even considered.

Anyone out there got any ideas?

2 thoughts on “How do you capture ideas?

  1. I use pen and a mini moleskin when I need to jot something down and a voice recording app when I get ideas while driving. I think a mix of both is easiest. I will periodically synthesize my notes into separate files and organize the disparate thoughts.

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