Bargain or Just Cheap?


I’ve always loved a bargain. To me, it’s really satisfying finding something I’ve always wanted and, due to a sudden price reduction, discovering I can now afford it. A real bargain I think.

I know people who mistake something which is cheap (Or should I say inexpensive) for something expensive sold at a lower price.

Is it not a question of quality?

But then the argument can be taken a step further perhaps. For instance; If I buy a top quality carpet, which I know will last me for thirty years. What happens if in ten years I am so sick of the sight of it I have it taken up and replaced by something more modern? Is it still a bargain now? My friends who bought cheap (Sorry, inexpensive) carpet can change their floor covering whenever the mood takes them and have no feelings of guilt around not getting the full use from it. So which has the bargain now? OK, there will be people out there who can afford to buy really expensive goods and throw them away on a whim but most of us, in these difficult financial times, have to be careful and get the most for our pounds/dollars/euros etc.

Well so much for carpets but it works with most things we buy. If I buy the top of the range but older flat screen TV, in a few months or maybe weeks, it will be obsolete. But if I wait for the latest TV with all the bells and whistles on I’ll pay top price and in a few months or maybe weeks, that will be obsolete too. Even though I paid top money for it and now my friend can buy the exact same model at a third of the price. So who got the bargain now?

So is there a correlation between how quickly we get tired of an item or how much we value its quality? This then begs the question of do we buy cheap or hunt for a bargain which we may well get rid of before it out lives its use?

I don’t know, what do you think?


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