Does Blogging Help or Hinder?

I often wonder to myself whether the time I spend reading blogs and posting on my own blog fuel procrastination. It’s easy to get sidetracked and find that the hour you have dedicated to writing has gone. Many writers extol the virtue of reading as many other writers as you can find the time for, so you can examine all the different styles they use. Reading allows you to hear the ‘voice’ of the characters in the story and I love to read. The problem is, how much time should be spent on this ‘research’. It makes me begin to think that reading and blogging may interfere with the writing process. A bit like emails stop you working, following blogs and reading interesting posts can make the available time disappear in an instant.

I suppose the other voice in my head asks “If I don’t read other people’s blogs no-one will read mine. So what’s the point of writing a blog?” Also how insular would I become if I didn’t read other points of view? I can put my views down and I can ask questions of others but if the inhabitants of cyberworld don’t visit sometimes it’s as pointless as writing a shopping list and leaving it at home. For me, it’s also a break from what I’m writing to be reassured that there are some like-minded people out there. Some of them struggling with the same things I do.

So I think I’ll continue in my endless time juggle and give up something else instead. Like sleeping or eating.

What do you do without to write?

4 thoughts on “Does Blogging Help or Hinder?

  1. In my opinion, blogging is definitely not a fuel for procrastination. And the reading process that comes with owning a blog and administrating it so that it is, at least, recognized within the cyber community, is definitely a plus point. There shouldn’t be any arguments on this. A blogger should be systematic enough to set his priorities right and not get side-tracked by over-indulging his/herself in the blogging business. 🙂

    • My problem is I’m not very organised in my private life although at work I have to be. At home I often like to do things on a whim and find I run out of time to do the essentials so I go without sleep and food sometimes to cram everything in. Thanks for reading my post and commenting

  2. Sidetracked?… I don’t get sidetra… Oh, crud, where did the time go! I’ve got to get painting! [painting: the visual equivalent to writing :)] To answer your question, I’ll skip meals, laundry, housework, sleep, and exercise to find time to paint/write. But I’m a mom with young kids, so even then it doesn’t add up to much time!

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