It’s Been So Long

It seems an age since I could even summon the strength the produce a blog post as I really fell out of love with writing. Suddenly, today, I had some inspiration and so decided it was high time to start again. The great writers always say it doesn’t matter what you write as long as you write and I seem to have lost that motivation. They are right, if you don’t do it the desire disappears. So here I am writing again.

Having just been on holiday I thought I might post some of the pictures I took whilst there and write a bit about each one. Not exactly a photo blog as I don’t really have the skills but as an exercise to get me writing again.

This flower was growing on the patio of the house we rented and I think the colour is stunning.

IMG_0144 crop

There was a field full of spring lambs behind us and they were constantly being born. Amazing how the mother knew her own lamb and pushed other lambs aside to care for and feed her own

Where's me Mum?

We had a lazy lunch one day outside accompanied by a little drink of Australian Chardonnay which was delightful


Well that’s a taster for future blog posts. A few pictures and a bit of a story added to some more comment may be the way to get me back into writing


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