Seasonal Moods

Looking Back to Autumn

Looking Back to Autumn (Photo credit: UGArdener)

I really love the Autumn. John Keats wrote that it’s the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” and it is exactly that. The past few days have had the morning mists burned off by the low Autumnal sun. Difficult to drive towards but lovely to see.

This year seems a little different as here in the UK we’ve had a really good and long summer but it was a bit late starting and so we are having a late Autumn too. We have some leaves turning but some bushes are still in flower and it’s a really nice mix of colour. I’m always relaxed in Autumn. It’s not too hot and the cold winds and ice and snow, that I know are coming, are not coming yet. Although the days are shortening rapidly there is still enough light in them to work outside and prepare the garden but there is also time in the evening to settle down in front of the fire. I’ve already heard a few flocks of geese, flying overhead making their way to other climes and calling their intentions as they fly in formation overhead. 

There is no doubt that Winter is on its way but lets enjoy the remaining days of Autumn first.

Do you have a favorite season?

2 thoughts on “Seasonal Moods

  1. I think I prefer the transitional seasons of spring and autumn. They’re usually full of the optimism of the oncoming season. When spring rolls round I’m tired of dark morning and evenings and the incessant cold and am looking forward to summer, and spring for me always carries the sense that this summer will be a hot and enjoyable one, regardless of summer’s track record on that front.

    Similarly, autumn is the point where I’ve given up on summer, and am looking forward to a winter of crisp sunny days photographing, cold rainy days wrapped up warm at home, as well as my birthday, Christmas, and a few weeks off work to relax.

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