Done, But What Have I Learned?


Last night I completed NaNoWriMo with a day to spare. I can now luxuriate today in the thought that the marathon is over.  I was always confident that, baring disasters, I will be a winner this year. It’s been hard to focus my attention but I’ve managed to write everyday, which for me, has been the main point of the exercise. But with all things complete or incomplete I ask myself what have I learned from it? 

  • That I can write a high word count in a short time and have a life as well
  • I can write without the constant procrastination exercise of going back and editing all the time.
  • That my fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders are still working after all that exercise
  • That determination overcomes procrastination
  • It’s a great idea to have a writing buddy as mine has been very supportive throughout and seeing her word count rise kept me going at times

I think now, in the afterglow, that it has enabled me to write every day again, as I did before I lost my enthusiasm which, I still believe, stemmed from last years failure in this event.

The final question, of course is, would I do it again? My answer today is probably not but we’ll have to see next year I suppose.

Would you winners out there do it again?

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