How does it do that?

christmas tree

christmas tree (Photo credit: fsse8info)

Every year it’s the same for me, and I’ve been around for quite a number of years now, but I’m always surprised by Christmas. The plans I make each year, about buying presents early and being well organised, never seem to materialize, as I’m suddenly aware of the 25th approaching at break neck speed. It always seems to approached with the stealth of a predator whilst I have my eye and mind on other things.

This year, in the UK, the weather has been unseasonably mild and we are still experiencing sunshine and dry days, if a little cooler of late but very few frosts so far so that doesn’t help with the memory of cold and snowy festivities of yesteryear portrayed on every card, poster and TV advertisement. So it’s not as though I haven’t been reminded that the season is approaching fast, in fact, every year we seem to be starting earlier with the commercial side of Christmas. We are planning to decorate the house over the next couple of days but I now realise that we are way behind the others in my neighborhood. It’s done it to me again.

Next year I’ll be ready,  although I’m sure I said that last year.


1 thought on “How does it do that?

  1. Steve, please send some of your unseasonably mild air to Charlotte, NC. Today was rainy with temperatures in the low 40’s. A cold rain doesn’t put me in the Christmas spirit. I hope you’ll post some picture of your completed decorations. You’ll get it all done…just enjoy the moment.

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