It’s that time again so good luck

Well I’ve been pretty quiet, on here, over the past year but I’ve continued to read blogs and read books. I’ve not felt the urge to write much yet I’ve often felt guilty when I haven’t written.
A few times I’ve decided that this will be the day when I start to write again but for whatever reason, events have conspired to stop that happening.

I know it’s an excuse, I have all the tools necessary to hand but I haven’t taken advantage of them. I have a lap-top, a tablet and a smart phone but I’ve spent too much time on Facebook and Twitter or on various web pages, researching rather than writing. I’m my own worst enemy I know but I am determined to rekindle the writing I’ve done for so many years previously.

Added to all this NaNoWriMo is just around the corner as they keep reminding me via email. I’m not going to enter this year. I was a winner last year so that will carry me through until I feel sufficiently motivated to attempt an new novel. I think I might be better trying to finish the two that I have already written substantial text in

Good luck to all who enter and I hope you’re all winners

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