Isn’t it strange how your emotions are changed by others?

For many years I’ve been a supporter of Leeds United football club. I first went to their home ground, Elland Road in the early 1960’s when they were a real force to be reckoned with. They were big in the First Division, the precursor to England’s Premier League. In fact they were the last team to win the division championship before it changed to the Premiership. They played successfully in all the major European competitions and won some too.

Unfortunately, as with a lot of soccer teams, they fell from grace. There are many reasons but mainly through lack of investment, poor management and the inability to attract the best players. Footballers are a fickle breed and they will follow the money during their short careers. (For that no-one can blame them as most of us would probably do the same)

So as a result, us, the loyal unswerving fans have had little to cheer us over several previous seasons, culminating in a disastrous 2013/14 season where we narrowly missed relegation to a lower division. We were a rudderless ship drifting towards disaster. Owned by an investment bank who didn’t want to invest only to asset strip and sell off our best players to the highest bidder.For a football fan these were dark days indeed.

Then suddenly out of the gloom and murk a savior came, bringing a bright light to our darkness. He’s seems to have worked magic and, after a long sleep, has awoken the giant that is Leeds once more. He has signed fifteen new players and injected money, enthusiasm and the desire to succeed into not only a football team but to thousands of fans across the globe.

Strange how the effect of that one mans actions can change the thoughts and hopes of thousands of others


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