Keeping a journal

I’ve recently started to keep a journal, something which I have tried many times before, without a lot of success. I don’t really know why but I feel that I want to collect my thoughts and acts daily so they can inspire my writing of daily bogs during November. Over the years I’ve used paper diaries, various computer software including Microsoft Word and Excel.

The main reason for my failure to maintain the journal’s completion is not being in the same place as the the equipment I was currently using and so I would leave it a few days and play ‘catch-up’ with my notes. Then, inevitably, I forgot what I did on any particular day and so as a means of recording my thought process I failed. Then I lost interest as it seemed a little pointless trying to remember what I did and thought a few, and sometimes several, days later. So this time I’m trying something different. I’ve been a long time fan of Evernote and although I’ve used it I never previously thought of using it as a journal.

Its a series of separate notebooks within which you can put different pages. They can be pictures or text or by using the Web Clipper, downloaded to your browser, they can be web pages which you can either keep or just read later then discard.

It’s uses are far too numerous for me to list here and, in fact, its one of those tools that we will all use differently and indeed won’t use most of its many features. Two features stand out for me:

1: It’s cloud based and so I can access via my lap-top, tablet or smartphone so I’ve always got somewhere to jot down my thoughts and ramblings, but I don’t have to be online I can write and it will automatically sinc later.

2. The basic software is FREE, always a plus I find. There is a premium paid service but personally I have no use for anything but the free one. Its very slick and professional too.

Take a look at I’m sure you won’t be disappointed and no I don’t get any commission.




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