Book Rules

I don’t know about you but I have certain rules that I try to follow when starting to read a new book.

As a child I used to peruse the shelves of my local library’s children’s section and I was initially attracted to bright and seemingly interesting book jackets. I’d pull them from the shelf one by one and read the cover notes hoping to get some inspiration from the story idea. After being disappointed with some of my choices I began to recognise authors and tried to find other works by any writer who’s work I had enjoyed. I found though, that these too could disappoint and although I may find an author and enjoy one of his books, it didn’t always follow that I would get the same enjoyment from all their other novels.

As an adult I still apply some of these rules and mostly they work. I’m not really that attracted by book sleeves now although I still can’t resist the sleeve notes. I tend to go for authors I know and have read extensively, knowing they don’t usually disappoint. I also follow recommendations and try new works that way. This is sometimes a mixture of from friends and family, usually the ones I know like similar genre authors to me. Otherwise it’s a question of read it and see.

One major thing I now always do is to read 100 pages. I have, over the years, found books that I just couldn’t get going with and discarded them after a few pages but find they become readable later when I’m in a different mood.  Always provided I am happy with the writing style and format. If I get to page 100 and I’m still not getting it then I give up and try something else.

So do you have any reading rules?

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