Competitions – Fake or Fortune


I’ve always been tempted by competitions, the lure of actually getting something for nothing, the love of winning and I’m a long way from being a gambler. Not the competitions where you call a very expensive phone line  and you are purposely held on the line whilst they explain everything in detail, but the internet based ones.

I know that there are a large percentage of these which just scam you for your details and you open yourself up to the risk of email spam, for a while, until they move on to someone else.

I don’t consider myself as particularly lucky in competitions but the thrill of possibility is always there. After all, someone has to win, don’t they?

I have won a few things over the years.

  • An all expenses paid weekend at the Savoy Hotel in London plus £500 in spending money
  • Free tickets for a concert in Trafalgar Square where R.E.M appeared
  • Bottle of Champagne once
  • Plus a few small lottery wins

I’ve never won anything of real substance, like a car or boat but I do enter competitions from time to time. There does seem to be a whole industry around competitions and many of them are just a marketing ploy but the chance is still there.

Have you ever won anything?


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