All aboard the appointment train!!

This is part of the journey my youngest daughter and her youngest daughter are on. Thought I would share


October came and lots of appointments came with it. By this point Dixie had already had two hip ultrasounds, and one on her kidneys and brain. A spinal X-ray, two echo’s on her heart and an appointment with a hospital optician and ophthalmologist (eye doctor).

She was one busy little lady! She was 4 months old.

We kicked off the month with two appointments with the speech therapist I mentioned previously, and a second colleague. The first was at the hospital and didn’t go very well. I went through the whole pregnancy, birth and early weeks with one therapist while another prodded and poked Dixie’s mouth. They wanted to assess her feeding by listening to her throat as she swallowed her milk. This was not an easy task. Not only was she tired. She had spent the previous 10 minutes with someone’s fingers in her mouth. And I hadn’t left…

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