Making Lists – Writing 101, Day 2

I never used to bother but now I seem to be pretty much obsessed with making lists. Yeah, I know, everyone makes lists of some kind. Even if they are just held in your head. (Although I have no idea how anyone can do that as I forget things just as suddenly as they have appeared in my head).

I make lists on paper, in Evernote and latterly in Google Keep, which is my current favourite as it’s quick to load up and works across all my platforms. For the uninitiated, basically , a note written on my computer will automatically (Magic really) appear on my phone and tablet; and visa-versa, of course. (Sadly this doesn’t seem to happen with paper!) All the shopping lists, written on paper, that I’ve left on the kitchen table have become a thing of the past.

I think it’s something which has come on suddenly, in later life, when the memory isn’t quite as sharp and effective as it was. I realised that I was always looking for a scrap of paper to write some idea or thought down before it slipped away, back into the ether. Never to be thought again. How many thoughts and ideas are up there floating, just out of reach, having past briefly through my brain and just as quickly, gone? Any one of which could be the big one. The idea that got away.

My ideas are now captured for posterity on my lists. Until I either write the story, go shopping, use the note for its intended purpose and then delete them. I wonder if deleted ideas float away into never land to join all those other long forgotten thoughts.

I’d like to think they are all reunited and at peace.

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