Rainbows through the clouds!

More on the story of my daughter and her daughter and Trisomy 9


November came by quickly. Time was moving on, and so was our appointment train. Choo choo. She was five months old.

Her follow up echo was first up, and a lovely balanced heart is what we saw! Fabulous. She may have a hole and a tightened valve against her but in typical Dixie style, she worked it. The two ‘baddies’ corrected each other for now. We were sent on our merry way with a follow up in 4-6 months.

We also had our genetics counselling after a lot of chasing on my part. I was hoping for more insight and information with regards to Dixie’s future. However, the only things I took away from that appointment was…

Dixie was ‘de novo’. Which means the extra chromosome was just bad luck and nothing we did (I didn’t like Dixie to be referred to as bad luck I might add!)

That we…

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