Picture Story – Writing 101 – Day 4


They do say that every picture tells a story, well for me they do. But how do I get the picture?

I’m quite a keen photographer, although I don’t blog about it. There are much better picture takers than me who do, so I’m happy to let them. There are a couple of snaps on this blog but they are just snaps. I own quite a nice DSLR camera with various interchangeable lenses and a smaller point and shoot camera, but the strange thing is that most of my shots, these days, are taken using my phone. The cameras only come out when I pre-plan what I’m going to take pictures of. I don’t really have the patience to hang around for hours to get that all important shot; the one that everyone will love. I find that most of my photo opportunities come upon me suddenly, when I don’t have a camera with me. I always carry my phone.

I’ve always owned a camera and, at one time, I used to carry it with me everywhere, but not any more. In fact, I don’t think I’ll buy another camera I’ll just make sure I buy phones which are capable of taking decent pictures. I could never have imagined, as a small boy given a Kodak Box Brownie camera, that I would now forsake the camera in favour of a phone. Amazing.

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