Saturday Musings


It’s Saturday morning and I have some questions.

  1. Why does the weather stay fine during the week but then decide to rain on Saturday?
  2. Why do people who don’t work or retired decide to go shopping on Saturday when they have the whole week to do so?

As I sit here at the computer watching the rain water my lawn and realising that at some stage today I need to go shopping. It’s very grey and damp outside, it’s the end of Summer and it looks it. It’s not yet cold but the evenings are cooler now.

Saturdays should not be the same for me now, being retired, but I still get that feeling that it’s the weekend – yay!  When, actually, every day could be the weekend but it’s in me to look forward to Friday evening, then Saturday and Sunday. The greatest pleasure, however, is that I never get that “I don’t want to get up for work” feeling on a Monday (Or any other day for that matter). I still look forward to the weekend.

As the Autumn rolls in and on to Winter I can look out of my window and see the cars covered in frost and snow and know I can wait until the Winter sun melts it before I don my boots, coat and hat and venture out. Then I can scurry back to my nice warm home. No commute, no sitting in rush hour traffic or queueing on windy, damp, railway platforms.

Age has it’s compensations

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