The Space to Write – Writing 101 – Day 6


My writing habits are pretty simple. I write where and when I can, usually early morning as I’m an early riser and my wife isn’t. I don’t have a dedicated space, though, as I use a lap-top computer so anywhere will do. I do, however, prefer to sit at the dining room table and I like to work alone and in silence. Free from all distractions.

I’ve read several books which have all talked about getting into the writing habit. To be successful and prolific, you need a dedicated space and time. I’m told that using this method enables the mind to accept that this is the time and place to write and it helps to condition the brain. I haven’t got to that stage yet but I am trying to get there.

I’m normally writing by eight am but I only really manage a couple of hours before the day intervenes. When I was younger I would often work late into the night; sometimes all night but often the work I produced wasn’t of good quality so much of my time was wasted. I am, very much, a ‘morning person’. That doesn’t mean that all my inspiration comes during that time but it’s when I feel, mentally, at my best. My dining room window looks out onto the rear garden and, at this time of year, it’s very green. I find it restful.

I do have a problem with procrastination though. I fire up my computer and firstly check my emails (At the moment to see what today’s challenge is) but sometimes I get side tracked by them. It’s also quite difficult not to look at social media sites as then the couple of hours which I dedicate to writing each morning are hastily devoured by them. I’ve also developed a habit of editing as I go which slows the process down considerably but, again, this is a work in progress. Like most things I do

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