Editing Blog Posts


My editing technique is pretty basic.  When I write I ramble and generally follow what spills from my brain and it often has no particular order. It definitely has very little flow as I jump from sentence to sentence, as the jumble of my thoughts make their way onto the page. So realising that the finished article may even be read by other people; most of whom are not party to my scatty brain patterns, I have to edit my ramblings.

I thank Word-press for the ‘Preview’ and spell-check facilities, as I’ve found that I can read my texts in the editor several times and find it okay. As soon as I view it in preview, however, I immediately see where my mistakes are. The double and and or the of of jump out and shout at me, although I’ve never noticed them before. I think it’s about the way our brains process what we see and skips over the errors. I used to print them out first and then go over them with a pen but with the increased cost of ink and in an attempt to save the world resources I find that option no longer viable.

These days the time spent on the editing process is almost as long as the initial writing but it works for me

How do you edit?

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