Reinvent the Letter – Writing 101 – Day 9


Dear World

I wonder if you realise just what a wonderful and exciting place you are. There are literally billions of us living on your surface, co-existing, breathing your air, eating your bounty. We swim in your rivers, lakes and oceans. climb your mountains, walk in your fields and forests. We gasp and wonder at your infinite beauty. We dig and mine your surface and use your coal, gas and oil for energy. We build huge skyscrapers and small huts. We fly around in your atmosphere and travel indiscriminately wherever we can. We build families by procreation, teach and train our children as we were taught.

We fight each other, butcher other humans without recourse, burn and maim with our greed. Sacrifice others for our constant need for dominance. We exploit your resources without thought wherever there is a chance of profit. We destroy trees and forests, bulldoze beauty in the name of progress. We desperately defend and protect what we consider to be ‘ours’ although nothing is ours. Everything is held by us, fleetingly, on trust. We kill, murder and extort in the name of freedom.

For all these things and more, on behalf of the human race, I apologise

Yours sincerely

A. Human-Being

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