Things I’ve learnt so far.

Lovely words as always from my daughter



So far this journey has taught me a lot.

That you can cope with so much more than you would ever imagine. You adapt. You’re really no stronger than the next parent. You have no ‘super power’ or special knowledge on how to get by. You just have a beautiful child that you would go to the ends of the earth for.

Friendships change. Some drift away, some you push away unintentionally. You meet wonderful people who you admire. Some who inspire you. You can become immersed in your own little bubble.

It really is true that you begin a new kind of normal.

Something I heard time and again from other parents was how much my child would amaze me. In all honestly I didn’t really understand at the time. Those early weeks and months were just trying to get through each day one tiny step at a time.

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