Recreate a Single Day – Writing 101 – Day 14


‘It’s been a hell of a day’ James said to his wife as they finally crawled onto the mattress she’d hastily placed on the floor. Clare had hung towels across the windows to keep out the spring sunshine. She grunted in agreement as she drifted into exhausted sleep. James was too excited to sleep just yet as, in his mind, he relived the day.

Evicted at nine that morning, all their worldly goods dumped, unceremoniously, on the pavement by the bailiffs. It wasn’t fair. They had been picked on. Okay, he’d had the letters from the bank, initially; quite nice letters, in comparison to what came next. The debt collection agency had not been polite in their letters, they were even worse when he rang them. They wouldn’t listen, they just wanted money he didn’t have. No one cared he’d lost his job four months ago and had absolutely no sympathy that he hadn’t told anyone else, not even his wife. She knew now, of course, well since nine o’clock this morning when she found out.

James had managed to persuade his brother in law to borrow the works van and between them they loaded his life in the back. They tried to think of where they could stay without any money, but drew a blank; plus, Colin had to get the van back before six.

They found an empty house which was boarded up and broke in. It was temporary but it was somewhere to put their stuff and be off the streets.

So in one day James had managed to loose his house, upset his wife, alienate his brother in law and reduce his family to squatters.

‘Its been a hell of a day’ he thought as he went to sleep.

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