Writing 101 – Day 15

As a young teenager in the 1960’s I was surrounded by new music. This,  of course,  wasn’t my first taste of popular listening. My mother was a huge fan of musicals. I still know all the words to the songs from ‘Oklahoma’,  ‘Kismet’, ‘South Pacific’ and most of the others of the day. She regularly took me to the cinema to watch them and I loved them as much she did; I still do.

We  had all the soundtracks at home and these were played throughout the day whilst my mother did her chores to them. She was also a huge fan of Mario Lanza, the opera singer, so that was where I got my love of that genre. My mother had a signed photograph of Mario on her dressing table, much to my Father’s disgust.

Growing up in those circumstances and the explosion of popular music,  in the 1960’s made it almost impossible for me not to love music of all types. I still listen every day, except when I’m writing, as I lose concentration when I my attention wanders off to listen to the words.

I have my Mother to thank for that.

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