Stats’ – Writing 101 – Day 16

“If your experiment needs a statistician, you need a better experiment.”
Ernest Rutherford

I’ve never been a great fan of statistics. In my mind they are just a way to influence and persuade, sometimes unsuspecting, people that what they are doing is wrong. Statistics are used to prove someone’s point but how often are those statistics real proof?

They are used extensively in advertising where the seller tries to get you to buy their product because 98% of users think it’s better than the opposition. Being a cynic, I always want to know how many people were asked and what is their background. Giving someone a free sample and getting them to test it isn’t the same as spending hard earned cash to buy the product.

I rarely look at my WordPress stats’ page, I don’t see the point and are they believable anyway? Looking at the stats’, for the purpose of this exercise, I find that on one single day I had no views of my blog but one ‘like’ which, I think, backs up my argument. We seem to live in a world where everything is measured and accounted but how do you measure emotion or thought? How do you categorise a free mind and spirit?

So, for those who want to use them and believe them, that’s fine. I’ll just stick to my writing

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