Mine Your Own Material – Writing 101 – Day 17

Holidays Are Us!

Searching through the draft blog posts in my dashboard I found the beginnings of a post from October 2014.

One of the great things about working for a living is the breaks and holidays we can have. I’ve always loved working but I also enjoy my time away from work and especially spending that time on holiday.

Of course, now, since I retired from work last May, I still enjoy holidays but the separation between work, home and holiday are not quite as tightly defined. I find have lots to do, in fact, as many have said before me; how did I fit in time to work?

I really enjoyed working, loved it. All fifty one years of it. I did worry about actually giving it up and if I would successfully cope without the day to day interaction with my colleagues. I needn’t have worried about it at all as now, I have gained that amazing freedom I only dreamed about when I was working. Now my days (and nights) are mine to do with what I want. I can have holidays at any time, I don’t have to apply to anyone for specific leave dates. I don’t have to fit into a schedule or plan. I no longer suffer from post holiday blues, catching up with work that wasn’t done whilst I was away.

So things have changed since I jotted down this idea and left it, moulding, in my dashboard drafts. My life has changed and probably I have changed. For the better I hope.


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