Mothers Guilt

The next blog post from my wonderful youngest daughter and her family coping with the rare condition Trysomy9



I think it’s fair to say most mothers have felt some kind of guilt at one point in time. I think it’s also fair to say for some that guilt starts as soon as they get that positive pregnancy test.

The shock or exhilaration is quickly taken over by a memory of drinking a bottle of wine the previous week, eating blue cheese or a runny egg. Not taking the right vitamins, doing some random strenuous activity….You get the picture.

Mine began when I found out I’d failed the glucose test at 26 weeks pregnant. This wasn’t helped by the fact I was drinking a can of fizzy pop and eating sour skittles when I took the call (hello pregnancy craving!!). From then I had to go to hospital every two weeks for monitoring. I was suddenly high risk. And diabetic.

I was soooo good. I really wanted to keep my sugars…

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