Life after Writing 101

Well it’s Sunday morning and Writing 101 is over. To be honest, it all seems a bit flat today. After four weeks of trying to interpret a different prompt each day, I look at my email inbox and something is missing and that’s not quite right.

Maybe it’s also because I’m going home today too. Spending a week and a half, juggling various internet connections in bars, restaurants or wherever I could get online. Using my laptop, tablet and phone to make sure I managed to post something as near to the allotted day. Losing posts as the phone or tablet kicked me out of the App for some, as yet, unexplained reason. This evening I will be back in the bosom of my high speed, unlimited WiFi filled home but will removing some of the past few days obstacles make a difference?

You bet it will !! Bring it on because as they say ‘Home is where the WiFi is’

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