NaNoWriMo 2015 is a week away!


Well the countdown proper has now begun. It’s just a week away and preparations go ahead unabated. All over the world thousands of would-be writers, published authors, scribblers and pen pushers are gearing up for Sunday 1st November 2015. Ideas are keeping them awake, plots twist and turn in their heads. Local groups are organising write-in parties in coffee houses and village halls throughout the globe.

The previous times I have entered I’ve always enjoyed the buzz of October and as the start date gets nearer and the intensity increases I get a huge desire to start writing now, straight away. But to do this would be to cheat not only the thousands and thousands of other participants, your writing buddies and most of all, yourself. So plan if you’re a planner, hold some ideas in your mind if you’re a pantster, make notes for research, outline until your fingers hurt, build amazing characters and places real or imagined but don’t race out of the starting gate too quickly.

So hold your horses and when your word count ticks over the 50,000 you’ll feel the satisfaction of, not only being a winner, but that you did it totally within the spirit of NaNoWriMo. Hope it all goes well and good luck to all entrants

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