Our first scare.

More of my brilliant daughters journey



I still remember everything about the day. It was late February.

I remember it started uneventful. It was a Thursday. The kids and I had been to lunch at my mums and had come home early afternoon for Dixie’s nap.

She slept well. When she woke we had a cuddle, and I put her in her inflatable ring for some tummy time.

That’s where it ends being uneventful. And where I experienced one of my scariest moments to date.

She screamed out. It was a totally different cry to normal. It was pain. I quickly picked her up and her body had tensed like she was trying to poop. I tried to comfort her, rocking her in my arms. Maisy was following me around the house talking nonsense whilst I was moving from room to room wondering why she wouldn’t settle. Getting worried.

I called my sister. She came over…

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