Happy NaNoWriMo Eve


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Well tomorrow is the start of 2015 NaNoWriMo and all the preparations are done. We just have to wait for the green light to glow and we can begin writing. I’ve just realised how unprepared I am. I’ve been developing character profiles, plot scenarios and conflict ideas all month. I know exactly how to start it, who will be involved in the first scenes, where those scenes will take place. In fact, this time I’ve done the most preparation I have ever done but it still doesn’t seem to be enough. I know from previous experience the enormity of the task ahead and that has just become clear to me.

I’m having that moment of self doubt. That will I, won’t I feeling, that can undermine confidence and destroy any chance before I start. I won’t let it because I’m stubborn. I’ve always been like that. I gave up smoking after over thirty years of consuming up to forty cigarettes a day. I gave them up ‘cold turkey’. I just stopped because I won’t let things beat me. That was over twenty years ago and I’ve never had, or wanted, a cigarette since.

So I’m determined to start tomorrow and not stop until I’m a winner again. If my computer fails (It shouldn’t as it’s new) I’ll continue on my tablet and if that packs up I’ll do it on my phone or even someone else’s phone. Luckily it’s all saved in the cloud so access from different things are possible.

As I said before I’ve done way more preparation than ever before, on anything. It just doesn’t seem enough. The next few days will tell me if my fears are founded or not.

Good luck to everyone entering, remember to support and encourage your writing buddies and I’m sure we’ll all be winners before December comes rolling in.

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