More of my lovely daughter and her family’s story



Imagine falling pregnant without trying. And it being the worst possible timing but the best possible news.

Imagine bonding with that tiny person in your belly. Feeling it move and kick and excitedly planning its arrival. Finding out it’s going to be a she. A baby sister for your first born.

Imagine the day she is born feeling on top of the world. Then the next day being told matter of factly she has a heart murmur. And she has ‘funny’ ears and a ‘funny’ chin and that her chromosomes might not be how they should. You agree to a blood test, with the results being several weeks.

Imagine at two days old your baby is taken to another hospital for a heart echo. You watch her leave without you in a huge incubator and a private nurse. You wait anxiously for several hours till you’re reunited again. The results are repeated…

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