Blogging U.: Onward and Upward to 2016!

Just signed up for this, any other takers????

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Ready to register for January’s Blogging 101 course? Head here!

Over 40,000 of you registered for one (or more!) Blogging U. courses in 2015, and it was a privilege to support you, watch your blogs blossom, and see the rich network of relationships you made with one another! Blogging is half what you create yourself and half community, and the Blogging U. community is a beautiful one — but don’t take our word for it, take yours.

You’ve made new friends:

I was having a nice quiet time writing a few posts a week, keeping to myself, and my world has exploded with so many different people whose blogs I read. Let me tell you all, you’re inspiring and amazing people!
– Just Consider It, Writing 101: Finding Everyday Inspiration

You’ve given lonely blogs a fresh start:

My quiet and unloved blog has life, a new theme, a new brand, and…

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