It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)

Merry Christmas from me, my gorgeous daughter and her gorgeous daughters.


Last night I began the long and tiresome task of wrapping the girls ‘santa’ presents.

Only this year it doesn’t feel tiresome. This year it actually feels pretty wonderful.

We have done the usual of starting to buy in early November, then buying more again early December. Then a panic buy mid December in case we hadn’t got enough.

We had enough. We had plenty. In fact, we have plenty X5!!!!

And I was struck by how ‘normal’ it all seemed. To be getting excited about pulling out Dixie’s toys that I’d forgotten we’d bought, and thinking how much I couldn’t wait for her to open them. To see if we’d found anything amongst the pile that she would enjoy and examine.

It mostly struck me because this time last year those feelings were missing. There was no real excitement. I hadn’t worked out what she needed. I hadn’t put…

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