Bye bye 2015!!

My gorgeous daughter’s last blog post of 2015


I would like to round off my year in 2015 a little differently.

Not with a summary of the rollercoaster ride we found ourselves on, that’s certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Not with pointless & meaningless New Years resolutions that come February will be long forgotten. (Seriously does anyone stick to them all year – or even remember them?!!)

Not with a projection on 2016 or what I want from it going forward (that’s for another blog I’m sure 😉)

No I want to round up 2015 with a bunch of thank you’s to those who have helped us through such a challenging year.

The biggest thank you must go to our families. Without your endless support, this year would have been so much harder. Without your generosity we wouldn’t have been able to provide Dixie with extra physio. Without your help we couldn’t have got through our hospital stay…

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