Blogging 101 – Day 1 – Intro

“There is no illusion greater than fear.”
Lao Tzu

I’ve always hated doing the introduction bit. Strange thing is I used to be a trainer, delivering mostly management training and the first part of every session with a new group was to introduce yourself, me included. You could see delegates literally squirming as the ‘creeping death’ went around the room and got closer every second. You could smell their fear as, with blank minds, they tried desperately to think of a few short sentences that would suffice and it would move onto the next victim. Revealed immediately by the out-take of breath and the relaxation of their body language once the ordeal was over. It seemed as though no-one ever prepared for that moment yet every person in the room knew it would happen. Even though it may seem like it at the time, it’s not meant as a torture; a way in which the trainer can ‘soften up’ their trainees and to show them who’s boss.

It is actually a really good way of getting people talking; a way of breaking the ice and letting them realise that everyone is in the same boat. Worried, nervous and scared of making a fool of themselves. Funny thing is – the trainers feel exactly the same!

My ‘About page’ is pretty well up to date so I won’t re-invent it here

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