Blogging 101

“Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”
Paulo Coelho

I think I must have got it wrong. I was looking for inspiration and motivation from Blogging 101 but sadly, so far, that’s not been the case. Perhaps I was looking for something which isn’t included in the course, although I will keep going with it and see the month out. Just in case by bailing early  I miss the good stuff at the end. Maybe I didn’t read the blurb, initially, but I’m not one for small print. I’m the guy who buys a new TV and takes it out of the box and gets it working before he looks at the instructions. Or the man who builds flat pack furniture before realising you need to fit a crucial part BEFORE fitting the top. But that’s me.

Even when I have read the posts in blogging 101 they don’t seem to be following the promps either, as though other bloggers are thinking the same as me and doing their own thing. Occasionally a blog post appears that resembles that day, or the previous days prompt, but mostly it seems that any post tagged ‘blogging’ is in that reader and so it’s not exclusively for those on the course.

All in all, so far, it’s not doing it for me but I’ll hang in there and see what develops. Anyone else got similar or different thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Blogging 101

  1. I did the Blogging 101 course some time ago, and for me it was pretty interesting. I know most of the stuff I already knew but not all of it. I also got to meet other bloggers which was great. I found the Writing 101 course better and more challenging though.

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