Dixie in a nutshell!

Into 2016 x


Let’s begin 2016 with a catch up.

Grab a cuppa, or a coffee; hell grab a wine. Go grab a seat and make it comfy while I bring you up to date with all things Dixie doo!

First up, the biggy. Her heart.

It was established at her initial echo at 2 days old, that Dixie has two heart abnormalities. A VSD or a hole for us non-medical folk. And pulmonary stenosis AKA a tightened/thinned heart valve.

Now as bad as these might sound, the two problems helped each other. They corrected enough that for the first year her heart looked lovely & balanced.

If the cardiologist could have predicted the likely path that Dixie’s heart would have followed, it would have been to see the hole close and at some point a possible keyhole surgery to open up the valve.

BUT. As this is Dixie, that wasn’t what was…

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