Dear Maisy



Dear Maisy,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that since you were three years old and your little sister arrived in our lives our little world has turned upside down.

I’m sorry that you feel sometimes you aren’t as important as Dixie. You are.

I’m sorry that I’m tired all the time. Often too tired to play or do the things you want me to do.

I’m sorry that you see me sad. I know that makes you sad too.

I’m sorry I sometimes snap at you when I’m frustrated or unhappy.

I’m sorry you have to see Dixie poorly so much. That we often have to take her to hospital, or the doctors. Or the walk in centres on our precious weekends.

I’m sorry you worry so much about her.

I’m sorry that I can’t always take you to school or pick you up, or that things change last minute.


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