The Game by Scott Kershaw – Review

Five unrelated strangers receive a phone message from an unknown number. Someone they love is in grave danger and to save them, they must play The Game.

This type of story is intriguing as there are several different protagonists each with their worries and problems. This is particularly well developed and used, even though it has been done many times before, it works well. The characters are in different parts of the world, have different backgrounds but they all lose a loved one to the operator of this nightmare. They all come together at the same point and are distrustful of each other but they must work together.

The individual stories build well, each one seems well researched and convincing. The pace is good as the story unfolds and begins to quicken. I enjoyed this book; it’s easy to read and the story unwinds at a great pace, leading to a great finale and an unexpected twist. Definitely, a book to recommend.

Thanks to #NetGalley, #HQBooks and #ScottKershaw for this free ARC in exchange for an honest review

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