The Guilty Couple by C.L. Taylor

4 Stars

Five years ago Olivia Sutherland was convicted of plotting to kill her husband and sent to prison. She claimed innocence of the charges and now she is out on licence she vows to reconnect with her daughter; clear her name and bring down the ex-husband, who framed her. But just how far is she prepared to go to achieve this result?
With a group of trusted friends she hatches a plan but as , dark secrets begin to unravel, she wonders who can she trust?

This story starts with action and it continues throughout. I actually found myself holding my breath as the pace sped up. There are twists and turns throughout the story, unfolding as new possibilities are discovered. I was certain that I knew the ending but was proved totally wrong. It’s one of those books. Red herrings abound; people you think trustworthy are not. As the story begins to conclude the pace rushes at breakfast speed. Don’t start this book in the evening as you will find your self still reading it when dawn breaks. The characters are strong and believable; the story is excellent. One thing that I struggled with initially is the constantly changing point of view from first person to third person but that is a small criticism of a super book.

Definitely a book to recommend, particularly for a holiday read as you won’t want to put it down

My thanks to #NetGalley, #CLTaylor, #AvonBookUK for this free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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