The Matter of Everything by Suzie Sheehy – Review

Suzie Sheehy introduces us to people who, through a combination of genius, persistence and good luck, made experiments that changed the world of physics. The Matter of Everything is a celebration of human ingenuity, creativity and curiosity.

Firstly, I am a long way from being a physicist or scientist but found this book remarkably interesting and easy to read. It contains lots of ‘Wow’ moments and wonderment. But I did also find that some parts of the book were too dry for me as a layman. There is a lot about the history of physics, which I found fascinating. The book isn’t funny but there is a degree of humour in it, which adds to its readability. It’s not an easy subject to relay but the author makes it interesting.

My thanks to #Netgalley, #SuzieSheehy and #BoomsburyPublishing for this free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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