Fatal Witness by Robert Bryndza – Review

4 Stars

On the very evening Detective Erika Foster moves into a new house in Blackheath, London she stumbles on a the scene of a brutal murder. Assigned the case she discovers that the victim was a true-crime podcaster, about to reveal the identity of a local stalker who preys on young female students. All her notes and recordings have been stolen so Erika concludes the victims was about to reveal the stalker’s identity to the world. She was murdered to prevent this happening so the detective has a race against time to prevent further murders.

This is the seventh book in this series and the first that I have read. It works well as a stand-alone novel though. I like the way it’s written and the descriptions are very detailed. Might be too detailed for some. It’s a pacey story with plenty of twists. Perfect for those who like a police procedural with lots of action. On the whole, it’s an excellent read with a great twist at the end. A definite recommendation.

My thanks to #NetGalley, #RavenStreetPublishing and #RobertBryndza for this free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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