Well That Was a Surprise 

I’ve just won third prize in a small writing competition. The premise was to write less than 1500 words with the prompt ‘on another planet’. Science fiction writing is not my strongest suit but I do like to write odd stories (mainly because I’m pretty odd) and I like to have a bit of a twist. This one I wrote in about half an hour once given the prompt.

It’s a monthly competition and the entries are read by the forum members and they vote for their favourite story. I suppose that third place is not the pinnacle of literary achievement but it’s my first time in the numbers after an awful lot of entries, over an awful lot of years.

So I pat myself on the back instead of filing another rejection letter/email.

It’s a nice feeling.

Milestones, Schmilestones

A lovely piece from my lovely and talented daughter


I just got one of THOSE emails.

You know the ones that are congratulating you on your child moving onto the next milestone. The ones from the baby shops that are really just trying to promote their equipment and encourage you to buy it.

Every one is a big fat slap of reality. Take that mummy. You’re child is sooooooo unbelievably behind, I think I will just remind you of just how far every few months.

And I will also make you so mad at the email that you will delete it before you have a chance to unsubscribe. So we will just continue to send them.

And we will always send them on one of your bad days.

Or something like that!!

Milestones are always a worry. A concern. Something you think about as soon as your baby is born. There’s the mummy competitions and the strangers asking seemingly…

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A wobble day!

Another blog from my brave and wonderful daughter


I was having an ’emotional’ wobble day today.

You know the kind. When you worry you’re not doing something right. That you must be failing because nothing is coming together.

I was singing the same old nursery rhymes, doing the same actions. Asking Dixie the same old questions. Are you clapping Dixie? Where’s your nose? Can you poke out your tongue? Look at mummy banging on the tray. Can you?

Nothing but blank stares or a soft smile. No copying with the claps or the banging of the tray. And that is her usual response. On my wobble days I find it hard!

Nevertheless I pushed it down deep and carried on.

We moved onto some floor time. Some sitting. Only today that resulted in Dixie forcing herself backwards. Again.

I tried several more times. With her favourite toys, me sitting behind her, her sitting against the sofa. Every time…

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Blogging Habit

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll always be an infrequent blogger. I only post a blog post when I have something to say, as opposed to those who feel they have to post every day. I have nothing against those who wish to do this but it’s really up to them. I always think I’ll do more blogging but it never actually happens as other things take precedence. I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to finish my NaNoWriMo novel and am still to complete its first draft. Even though I’m over 100,00 words it shows no signs of concluding. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing!

Then I’m writing short stories and entering contests regularly, something I promised myself I would do this year. Blogging seems to be falling a poor third in the race for my time. I’m not complaining, its never been my desire to have hundreds or thousands of followers or to earn any sort of reputation or living from my blog, although I do realise that is possible.

I like a story prompt, but they inspire me to write fiction, not about me as I’m pretty uninteresting anyway (say awww), no don’t- please.

So I’ll continue with my sporadic and often disjointed posts, when I feel I have something to contribute and hopefully people on the same wavelength as me will find them a. Amusing  b. Thought provoking  c. Now what is c?


Before VS After

Another fabulous blog post from my fabulous daughter


Omg this.

THIS quote!

I can not put it any better than that. And I imagine a lot of people can relate it to a moment in their lives.

Dixie was my moment. My life altering moment. And she has changed everything about the life I lived before her. The way I see things. What’s important.

There is almost certainly some kind of divide in your life when you move along into motherhood.

Things initially turn upside down as you adjust to life as a three.

Gone are the days of last minute plans or drinks out when the mood takes you. Your priorities change. In its place is a life that involves lost sleep, a dwindling income, less socialising.

Your child is suddenly number one and you often feel like you lose some of yourself as your needs are put on the back burner.

But it’s worth every lost…

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Operating Systems – Aaaargh

For the past few days I’ve been struggling with one of the operating systems on my laptop. I have Windows but I really dislike it. Not just for the fact that Microsoft can and will share your personal information with whom they chose. (you actually agree to this in the set-up process) but I find it a bit clunky. It takes a while to load up and, in my experience, tends to slow down over time. I will have to wait and see with Windows 10 as I only upgraded to it a couple of months ago. According to Microsoft W10 is the final version and there will just be updates from now on.

I would love to have a Mac Book but like all Apple products, they are well out of my price range, so about a year ago I dabbled with Linux operating systems on my old laptop. It had become so slow running Windows 7 that it was barely usable and no amount of defraging and deleting surplus software improved it. So I tried Linux and was delighted with the result. There are hundreds of different Linux versions and after trying a couple I settled on Linux Mint linuxmint.com.

I found it clean looking and fast….. really fast, especially after the clunky slow-coach of Windows 7. Initially, I dual booted it so whenever I fired up my laptop I could choose whether to use Windows or Mint. Eventually I just used Linux all the time as it never slowed and was great for me. All software is free and most Microsoft programs have a free equivalent except for a couple which I use, hence the dual booting. Then, sadly, a couple of months ago my old laptop became unusable when some of the keys stopped working, particularly the space bar, which made it impossible and really frustrating to write anything. Like all things in life these moments never come along when there’s a surplus of funds but I can’t live without my computer so I bought a cheap laptop. It came with an upgrade to Windows 10 and as I didn’t like the pre-installed Windows 8.1 I upgraded. It is an improvement but I really missed my Mint.

After much reading and playing I managed to get past the Windows desire to not allow you to meddle with any computer that its installed on and dual booted it with Mint. So I now had the best of both worlds until today. Aaaaargh … for some reason I can’t load Mint and it’s amazing just how frustrating it is, not being to access my favourite OS but I’m working with the Mint community and I will sort it out. I won’t allow it to beat me, never do.

It’s just so frustrating when things don’t work as you want them to





Dixie in a nutshell!

Into 2016 x


Let’s begin 2016 with a catch up.

Grab a cuppa, or a coffee; hell grab a wine. Go grab a seat and make it comfy while I bring you up to date with all things Dixie doo!

First up, the biggy. Her heart.

It was established at her initial echo at 2 days old, that Dixie has two heart abnormalities. A VSD or a hole for us non-medical folk. And pulmonary stenosis AKA a tightened/thinned heart valve.

Now as bad as these might sound, the two problems helped each other. They corrected enough that for the first year her heart looked lovely & balanced.

If the cardiologist could have predicted the likely path that Dixie’s heart would have followed, it would have been to see the hole close and at some point a possible keyhole surgery to open up the valve.

BUT. As this is Dixie, that wasn’t what was…

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