New Year Resolutions

We’re well into January now and all those good intentions should be firmly taking route. Dry January, Gym visits, Smoking patches, and the dreaded Diet , etc means we should all be feeling pretty good about ourselves and our new regimes.

Sadly, for most of us, that will not be the case. My promise to myself (I find it easier not to proclaim my resolutions to anyone but myself.) has already fallen at the first hurdle. My 2018 To-do-list is topped by:

Write a blog post every week.

Second is: Edit a scene from the first draft of my novel every day.

Both of these, sadly, have failed to happen as life, like so often happens, has gotten in the way. So I’ve managed neither of those but I intend to change that and pretend that today is New Years Day and in my new world calendar I’m starting as I mean to go on.

So everything is reset, my new list is on track, I feel inspired and renewed and all is well with the world. Perhaps.

Well That’s Another Year Gone – Almost

And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been. - Rainer Maria Rilke

I realise that there are still some days left in 2015, and Santa has still to pop down chimneys all over the world, but I have already begun thinking about life in 2016. I never make New Year resolutions as they are just there to be broken, but I do try to plan ahead and think about what I may achieve in the months to come. Here is my list so far:

  • Write something every day, even if it’s just a shopping list.
  • Finish the first draft on this years NaNoWriMo novel and then put it away for a couple of months.
  • Enter more writing contests; something I’ve failed to do in 2015, except for a couple in December.
  • Read more books, whenever I possibly can.
  • Read more of other blogs and comment.
  • Blog more regularly, and about different things.
  • Continue eating a low fat diet as it’s really working for me.
  • Step up my exercise regime; I know I’ll need to after Christmas.

Those are things that I think of for the time being, but there will be lots more to add in the coming months. Around this time of year, it seems that the world is looking backwards. We are bombarded with reviews of 2015, of what we did in the past year and what our achievements have been. I try not to do it and many years ago developed this mantra, which is probably a mixture of other peoples quotes, but it works for me.

The past is past, it cannot be re-written or undone. Learn from it and move on.

Steve Cripwell

I hope you all enjoy the festive season and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Festivities over; it’s time to write

As I wave goodbye to another year and say hello to the new year I have decided to continue my plan of writing something every day. My success in November’s NaNoWriMo has shown me that I can always squeeze time to add a few words to the story, whatever story that is and it has changed the way I edit. I’ve learned that editing, for me, is a process best left until the first draft is completed.

Until November, 2013 was a very barren writing year for me as the inspiration to write disappeared and, although I still came up with ideas, I had little desire to do anything with them. The Moleskin which I keep in my back pocket has a few jottings but nothing that set the creative part of my brain alive. In 2014 I plan to change that and write, write, write!

I have set myself a challenge and that is to get a story, any story, whether short or long, published. I am determined to rework old and write new ones so that they can be submitted. I have a lot that are half finished, some that are completed but not yet ready for the world to read and some are just outline ideas. I have two novels unfinished and unedited and I want to get at least one of them ready to sent to a literary agent before the year fades.

I have enjoyed Christmas and the New Year but now it’s time for work. Lets see what we can achieve during the coming year and I wish you all success and happiness in the year to come


It’s here, so now what?

New Year celebrations

Today 2013 has arrived; it’s the season of making resolutions and then, generally, breaking them shortly after. I stopped making them a long time ago. In fact, the last one I ever made was to stop smoking one New Years Eve. That was twenty years ago and I haven’t smoked since which proves they can be kept if the desire is strong enough.The fact that you can as easily break a resolution as make one seems to be the problem for me.

However, I do make plans and I have dreams and ideas so maybe it’s the same thing. What’s in a name?

This year will be a bit different in so far as my full-time job is being made redundant at the end of March and as I only have a couple of years to go before retirement I have some pretty important decisions to make.

  • Look for another job – but in the present climate and considering my age it’s unlikely to happen.
  • Become a full-time writer – I am not convinced I have the skills for this.
  • Retire – No going to happen as I don’t feel ready for that yet.
  • Work freelance as a training consultant – needs lots of marketing and networking.

At the moment I feel the best alternative for me is the last one so that’s where my energies will be focused over the next couple of months. But I have to write too so that means I’ll be juggling with time a bit, after all, I will still be working until March as well.

So all in all, the early part of 2013 looks to be a very busy year for me.

I hope you all get what you want from this year and those dreams and wishes you have come true


So Where Did 2012 Go?

I don’t know about you but the end of the year has arrived much, much too quickly for my liking. It’s a wonderful season this, but does it have to come around quite so rapidly? My 2013 diary is already filling up and I have a suspicion that year will pass equally as fast, for me.

I seem to have lost my writing impetus since NaNoWriMo and all the flurry that involved so I intend to get back into the swing of writing after the holiday is over, or maybe I’ll write some stuff whilst tucking into the festive food.

So have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and I’ll see you in 2013