Blog Writers Block


Well, I never thought it would happen but I seem to be suffering from blog writer block. Whenever I feel the need to post, something else gets in the way and I continue with other projects. An idea presents itself to my consciousness, one that I think will make a good blog post, and suddenly, without warning, it turns into something else. It changes form into a short story or an article. I think it’s the opposite of normal writers block where, commonly, writers stare at a blank sheet of paper or computer screen but, no matter how long you stare the words don’t come. My problem’s different, I have no problem writing the words; it’s just that the words are not what I want to blog about. Is this unique? I doubt it.

I always try to post things I consider other readers may want to read. It doesn’t always work that way but that has always been my driver. Lately, however, many of the ideas I have, are already being covered by other bloggers in Freshly Pressed and I’m looking to entertain with new thoughts not regurgitate old ideas. Sure I could just go over the same old ground but I want to read about something new and I suspect everyone else does too. Sure I could write about traveling the trans Siberian railway but I’ve never been there or I could write about knitting a jumper but I can’t knit.

Maybe I have too many things going on inside my head. Perhaps my head is too full of other things and the lid is snapped down tight and won’t allow blog posts to pop out like they did. I hope so because I know that can change if I ease open the lid a little.

Has this ever happened to you?


2 thoughts on “Blog Writers Block

  1. Sometimes it happens. Even if you’re covering the same topic as someone else, you are unique in how you write about it. I strive for the unique, too, and to provide my readers with something they’ve never heard before or wouldn’t normally see. I love it when I get the “hey, I didn’t know that” reaction. Sheer music.

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